Newborn Photography London

As a professional children photographer I specialise in Newborn Photography London and I must admit it is my favourite type of children photography. There is something miraculous about each and every newborn baby. I try to capture who they are before they change almost in the blink of an of an eye. Remember they are only this little for a little while and capturing the first magical moments of your baby’s life is something truly special and irreplaceable.

Newborn Photography London | Booking

The best time to book your newborn photography London session is while you are still pregnant in order to ensure availability.  Newborn sessions book up quickly as I only allow for a limited number of sessions per month to ensure flexibility with early / late births, so it is advisable to secure your spot as quickly as possible, ideally after your 20 week scan. Having said that I will always try my best to accommodate last minute booking as some babies don’t arrive on time and this allows for an extra availability, so it is always worth to get in touch even though your baby has already arrived.

Newborn Photography London | portrait of a newborn baby boy taken during a professional newborn photoshoot

About Newborn Photography London Sessions

Newborn photo sessions are best during the first two weeks of baby’s life, preferably days 5-10. In these first few days baby is the smallest they will ever be, still has got the newborn curl, sleep a lot and does not mind too much when they are being posed in various ways. In order to capture those adorable sleeping baby portraits, the younger the newborn baby is the better.

Newborn Photography London sessions are held in my home studio based in Bromley – South East London. The studio is well equipped with natural light, a variety of props and backgrounds. All newborn photo shoots are scheduled in the morning.

My newborn photography London sessions are baby led sessions meaning that we work at baby’s pace allowing plenty of time for feeding, nappy changes, rocking back to sleep and surly some cuddling too therefore you may need to set aside up to 4 hours for your newborn photography session. Slow, relaxed and careful is the order of the day.

Upon booking your session you will be sent an information pack to help you prepare for the day and make the most of our time together.

Newborn Photography London | portrait of a newborn baby girl sleeping on her side during a professional newborn photo session

Newborn Photography London | Parents and Sibling Portraits

I will always strongly encourage you to exist in the photographs of your children and be part of their story from the very beginning. I have learnt throughout my career as a photographer that parents and sibling portraits are those types of photographs that are cherished the most in the years to come and become special family heirlooms as time passes by. Looking back at your family and sibling portraits over the years is something you’ll be sure to gain lots of pleasure from.

Newborn Photography London | portrait of a father holding his newborn baby boy taken during the professional newborn session

After Your Newborn Photography London Session

Newborn Photography London | newborn baby girl sleeping on a little wooden white stool.

About 3-6 weeks after your newborn photography session you will be presented with a private password protected online gallery for you to choose your favourite images and purchase some of our amazing custom made photography products, as I am sure you would probably like to show off your photographs at their very best. During the photoshoot you will have an opportunity to review a variety of our unique and handcrafted photography products, which would certainly do your images justice. Please also make sure to check the products page for more information and sample images.

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As the time passes and your baby grows you will replace the pram, throw away toys and part with the clothes that suddenly become too small, however the newborn photographs will remain to remind you about all those little things that are easily forgotten: wrinkles and rolls, squishy cheeks and squidgy lips, tiny fingers and toes. So lets celebrate the birth of your baby with a memorable experience and timeless photographs.