The Way I Work


London Children Photo Session


Once I have received your enquiry re any type of London Children Photo Session, I will ask you to email me a picture of your child. This helps me greatly to prepare the session. I will then advise further on clothing and will ask you to email me a snapshot of the clothes you have selected. Having that in place, I will be able to plan for props and aim for colour coordination. I am always after harmonious and story telling images.




I shoot 90% of my work in my home-studio or nearby location such as park, with natural light only. I am also open to shooting at client’s home or favourite location in London; however there might be an additional transport fee added to your bill if the location is not within a reasonable distance from my home address. I have a few favorite places which make wonderful settings for outdoor portraits.




Because I only use the natural light, studio sessions are held in early morning at around 9 or 10 am and last between 1 and 2 hours (newborn sessions usually running longer). On location sessions generally take place in the morning or late afternoon hours (scheduled around sunset) to ensure the best lighting conditions. We can work together to find a good time that fits around naps, feedings and your daily routine.




Good clothing choices can make or break a photo shoot. Wardrobe, like location, should be well thought out as it strongly impacts the feel of your images. When preparing for any type of children photo session London, please consider the following:


Babies up to 6 months old

Often just a birth suit or a nappy and a bare belly is a great look; I will also provide a variety of props to add a character to your images.

Babies over 6 months old, Toddlers, Older Children

Again less is more in photography, so please remember this golden rule when choosing your outfits for our photo session. Classic, timeless clothing in pastel colours are always a good choice. Ensure to stay away from busy patterns, sparkling accessories, clothing with logos and any type of character clothing (cartoon characters, Barbie, etc…) as they can be very distracting to the photo. Please see below examples of clothing combinations that work well:


  •  trousers / jeans + waistcoat (no shirt)
  •  trousers / jeans + pair of braces (no shirt)
  • dungarees (no shirt)
  • bare feet (weather permitted) give a sense of magic to the picture; plain wellingtons are also a good choice
  • I am happy to provide all sorts of boys jackets, waistcotes, bow ties and flat caps to complement your outfits


  • dresses (preferably not long sleeved for studio session), plain or with subtle pattern
  • bloomers and cardigans
  • layers and textures are great to add an interest to the photo and come very handy on colder days
  • bare feet (weather permitted) give a sense of magic to the picture; plain wellingtons, boots and patent shoes are also a good choice
  • I am happy to provide all sorts of tutus, bloomers, hats, hair bands, bobby pins, etc that will complement your outfits.


Please coordinate the outfits, but do not match them. Try to find outfits that rather complement each other. Again, I will offer a selection of props to go with your clothing.


 During the Session


My sessions are relaxed, unrushed, and fun! I want to give my clients an enjoyable experience, not a stressful one. I noodle, mess around and do what feels right. I seek spontaneous inspiration from my subject’s clothes, the location and child’s personality. I don’t have set poses, I don’t over direct. I go with the flow and aim for what comes naturally. Please expect to take breaks. Newborns and babies often need to be nursed or fed and sometimes just need some love from mom and dad. Toddlers may have meltdowns and do not want to cooperate. That is OK and believe me it is a norm. It is also a good idea to bring their favorite snack if we’re meeting at an outdoor location.


 After the Session


It will take 2 to 3 weeks to prepare your images. I will contact you as soon as your gallery is ready. I spend a lot of time on each image in Photoshop to make sure that each picture is processed as perfectly as possible and your patience during this time is very much appreciated. Your private password protected gallery will be available to view for 7 days for you to choose your favourite pictures and purchase any of my amazing custom made photography products. You are also welcome to share your password with friends and family.