Toddler Photography London

Toddler Photography London focuses on portraits of 1–3 years old children. I try to capture a whole variety of moods, from shy to silly, serious or smiley, with each image being a true representation of your child’s personality. My aim is to reveal their character in distinctive and dynamic shots catching far-away looks, an offhand smile, mischievous glances and reflections of unguarded joy.

Toddler Photography London | photo of a 1 year old boy playing with a teddy bear in the woodladns taken during professional photo session

Toddler Photography London Sessions

Weather permitted, I usually schedule toddler photography London sessions in one of my favourite locations in the town which is generally a woodland looking park or a long dry grass field in Bromley. There is a reason for that. Toddlers are happier playing outdoors and often do not even realise they have their pictures taken. This allows me to capture their true spirit.

As I only work with natural light, toddler photo shoots usually take place in the morning or in late afternoon to make the most out of the natural light and are generally scheduled around the golden hour.

When it comes to clothing, I believe that wardrobe as location should be well thought out as it strongly impacts the feel of your images. Please make sure to check out The Way I Work page for more information re clothing and some examples of combinations that work well.

I also endeavor to supply carefully selected props that are meant to complement your toddlers’ outfit and keep them busy during a photo session.

Portrait packages are flexible giving each client an option to choose one that best suits their individual needs and pocket.

I also offer a great variety of unique, custom made and handcrafted products available exclusively to my customers. Please take a look at my products page as they make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

If you would like to present someone with Toddler Photography London session, make sure to peek one of our gift vouchers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on for more information.