Family Photography London

As London children photographer, I also specialise in family photography. My intention is to create timeless, emotion filled family photographs documenting the love you have for each other. I combine storytelling images with beautiful portraits to record memories that your family will cherish forever.

Family Photography London | portrait of mum hugging her 3 years old daughter in the middle of long dry grass field

No matter if you have a newborn baby, stubborn toddler or growing teenager, there is always a good time to capture the family portraits and freeze those special moments you share here and now creating memorable photographs for everyone to look back at and smile.

Family Photography London | photo of a father and hid 3 year old daughter taken during the professional photo session in long dry grass field

Sometimes I will guide you gently in search of a perfect light and other times I will just wait for the right moment that shows your family’s true spirit. The most important thing is that everyone has a good time and I always ensure there is a relaxed atmosphere during my sessions.

Family Photography London | portrait of a mum and her 3 children taken during breasfeeding time in a long dry grass field

Family Photography London Sessions

I generally photograph families outdoors in one of my favourite locations, which are a woodland looking park or a long grass field. Should it not interfere with your little one’s routine, my outdoors family photography London sessions tend to be scheduled around sunset for the best quality light possible and usually last from 1-2h.

Family Photography London | skin to skin portrait of a father holding his newborn baby boy during a professional photo session

Family Photography London  –  ‘Skin to Skin’ Portraits

I believe that less is more when it comes to photography and therefore I will strongly recommend simple and yet so compelling ‘skin to skin’ portraits with your baby. I have often said that skin to skin time between baby and Mom and Dad are my favourite moments during a newborn or baby sessions and I’d like to believe they will prove to be among my clients’ favourite images years from now when their little ones are not so little anymore.

Family Photography London | skin on skin portrait of a mum holding her newborn baby daughter during the professional photoshoot


Family Photography London  –  ‘Skin to Skin’ Sessions

‘Skin to Skin’ family photography sessions are held in my home studio in South East London (Bromley). I am a natural light photographer, so my studio skin-to-skin family portraits are scheduled in the morning in order to take advantage of the best natural light available.

Family Photographer London | portrait of a father holding his 8 months old baby boy during the professional photo session

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