Beautiful London Toddler Images | portrait of a toddler boy playing a guitar in the park

Beautiful London Toddler Images | Arnav

Please meet Arnav – an adorable little boy. His older sister was 1 of my first little clients and I was so pleased when mum contacted me again to book another photo session for her little boy this time. Enjoy…

Spring London Toddler Photo Session | 1 year old boy playing with wooden trolley in woods

Spring London Toddler Photo Session | Louie

I had a pleasure to photograph this little boy from birth. Spring session was our third session that meant to mark another milestone in his life. Louie turned 1 year old. It took place in woodland park – one of…

Autumn South East London Toddler Photoshoot | outdoor portrait of 15 months old boy sitting on a rocking horse

Autumn South East London Toddler Photoshoot

I was going to organised another set of my very popular autumn mini sessions, however due to another lockdown all of them need to be cancelled. So instead I am going to share with you a couple of last year…

Autumn London Toddler Photo Session | beautiful portrait of a 2 years old girl on a rocking horse taken in London park during autumn season

Autumn London Toddler Photo Session | Ines

I have met Ines for the first time when she was just a couple of days new! She grew up into a wonderful toddler girl full of personality. It was great to meet her last year during our ever popular…

Bromley Child Photos | portrait of a 1 year old boy sitting on a wooden bench

Bromley Child Photos | Soh Chen

This photo session took place in my studio based in Bromley. Mum organised it for her son to celebrate his first birthday with the professional portraits that will mark this event well. Soh Chen truly enjoyed his time in my…

Bluebells London Toddler Photography | beautifully backlit portrait of a 1 year old standing in the bluebells field

Bluebells London Toddler Photography | Louie

I have planned lots of mini bluebells photoshoots this year as they make for such a beautiful photography background. Unfortunately, all of them had to be cancelled due to current world situation. I do hope next year we will be…

South East London Outdoor Toddler Images | portrait of a toddler boy playing with a wooden trolley in the park

South East London Outdoor Toddler Images | Zayd

Please meet Zayd – an adorable toddler boy. It was a great session in the most beautiful wild park in South East London. Zayd really enjoyed the photoshoot, nature and all the props he could play with. Enjoy his gallery.

Bromley Toddler Images | photo of a 2 year old girl sitting on a ladder steps and reading a book in the long dry grass field

Bromley Toddler Images | Hannah Rose

Hannah’s mum contacted me to book the professional photo session for her daughter in order to mark her second birthday. Hannah really enjoyed playing outdoors with a variety of natural props that indeed kept her entertained. We managed to capture…

Bromley Toddler Portraits | 18 months old girl carries a wicker basket in the park during autumn season

Bromley Toddler Portraits | Freya

This session took place last year. It was lovely to meet little 18 months old girl Freya and her parents who booked a mini session for their daughter in autumn settings of Beckenham Place park. Enjoy her gallery.

London Toddler Photography Offer | Soh Chen

I have already shared with you photos of Soh Chen in one of my previous posts, but there were so many amazing portrait taken that I need to share those too. As a reminder Soh Chen visited my studio when…