Professional London Kids Pictures

Professional London Kids Pictures Once again adorable Nela in Richmond Park. This photo session reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. Lovely hairstyle was done by Nela’s mum. Enjoy her gallery.

Professional London Children Photographer

Professional London Children Photographer And here she is – 7 years old Gabi and her new friend dog William. I hope that after this brief encounter with William she will no longer be afraid of dogs. As always it was…

Professional Bromley Kids Photographer |Alexandra

Professional Bromley Kids Photographer Please meet adorable 3 years old Alexandra who I photographed straight after her Christening ceremony. This beautiful violin was a gift from her God Father. Little Alex concluded that it needs a battery! Enjoy her gallery…

Professional London Kids Photos | Isabella

Professional London Kids Photos I saw this Disney dress on one of the local markets in London. The idea of a fairy tale photo shoot was born. I then advertised it on my FB page. 4 year old Isabella won…

London Kids Images | Ryan

London Kids Images Please meet Ryan – an adorable 3 years old boy, who had so much fun during our photo session in the park while playing with an aeroplane and magnifying glass. Enjoy his gallery.

Professional London Kids Photographer | Gabi

Professional London Kids Photographer This post is again one which goes back in time. Gabi was about 4 years old at the time of our photo session in one of South East London parks. Hope you will enjoy her gallery.

London Children Portraits | Sean

London Children Portraits Please meet Sean – an adorable 4 years old boy. Daddy wanted some good portraits for children modeling agency. The session took place in my home studio in South East London. It was a pleasure to photograph…

London Kids Photos | Molly

London Kids Photos I am proud to share some of the photos taken for adorable 7 years old Molly. Two of the images presented below were awarded a gold medal in International Competition of Female Photographers ‘Planet of Children’ in…

Professional London Kids Photography | Neeka

Professional London Kids Photography Neeka was 7 years old during our summer custom photo session last year. Big thank you to the mum for following my styling instructions. Hope you will enjoy her beautiful portraits.

London Kids Photo Session | Alonso

London Kids Photo Session London Kids Photo Session: a sneak peek from the Alonso’s photo session who was 3.5 years old on a day of our photo shoot. Enjoy his gallery.

Children Photographer London | Hania & Tymon

Children Photographer London | Hania & Tymon Mini photo session with 3 years old Hania and Tymon who used to play together in one of London parks. I hope I managed to show well their mutual affection. Friends forever. Enjoy their gallery. I am sure…