Best Spring London Children Photoshoot | backlit portrait of a 4 year old boy sitting under the tree and playing with magnifying glass

Best Spring London Children Photoshoot | Luca

It was an early spring time when I set off with my 4 year old son into the woods. My secret woods is a local ‘wild park’ frequented by dog walkers and based in South East London. We were very…

Best Bluebells London Children Photos | portrait of a 4 year old boy sitting on a leather steps in the middle of bluebells

Best Bluebells London Children Photos | Luca

It was a very warm day in April during the Covid 19 lockdown when I took my 4 year old son for a walk in the park. We really enjoyed the weather and a stunning scenery of bluebell flowers. I am looking…

Kids Photography London | stunning backlit outdoor portrait of a girl holding a small bunch of spring flowers

South East London Kids Photographer | Nela

My very first and still one of the best models – Nela! You have had a chance to lots of her portraits on the pages of my website. Those were taken a few years ago and I totally forgot to…

London Kids Pictures | 3 year old girl picking flowers in the field of grass

London Kids Pictures | Beatrice

Beatrice grew into a beautiful little girl! I had a pleasure to photograph her from her first days when she was a tiny newborn baby! Today she is a 3 year old girl. She really had fun during this session…

London Sibling Images | Sisters

I have a pleasure to share with you some of those sibling portraits that were taken during maternity session. Those sisters were absolutely brilliant models and enjoyed the camera very much. We all had fun. Enjoy their gallery.

Bromley Children Photos | Nela

This photo-shoot took place a couple of years ago in the amazing settings of poppy field. It was a perfect location for Nela who really enjoyed the session. I have already shared more images taken during this session in my…

London Children Photography Services | Axel

Axel was a 5 year old boy on a day of the photo shoot. His portraits were taken as part of the family session. It was a pleasure to photograph him. He is a boy of a gently and curious…

South East London Children Pictures | Martina

Please meet Martina – 3 year old beautiful little girl. Her portraits were created during a family photo session. She absolutely loved my props and wanted to keep my little pram. Hope to photograph her again soon. Enjoy her gallery.

London Kids Photography Services | Safanah

London Kids Photography Services This will be the last post featuring the portraits of this beautiful girl Safanah. You have a chance to see more images from the session in the previous posts. Hope you also enjoy this selection of…

Bromley Children Portraits | Safanah

Bromley Children Portraits I had a pleasure to photograph Safanah when she was nearly 2 years old. I met her again last summer when she was 5. What a beautiful girl she grew into!  Enjoy her new portraits.

London Kids Pictures in Lavender Field | Ava

London Kids Pictures in Lavender Field I must admit Lavender Field is one of my favourite photography backdrops. I would therefore like to share with you some more of the beautiful portraits we have taken in Lavender Field to mark…