1 of the Best South East London Newborn Photographers

As a newborn photographer I used to believe the myth that newborn photos need to be captured when your baby is 5-10 / 14 days new. Boy, I was wrong! Beautiful images can be captured at any stage and you are never too late! Little Eva was 3 / 4 weeks old during our photoshoot and we have created so many stunning portraits capturing connection! Take a look at some examples below!

Best South East London Newborn Photographer

Best South East London Newborn Photographer | backlit portrait of Mum cuddling her newborn baby girl
a close up portrait of a newborn baby girl sleeping on her Mum's chest | South East London
Portrait of Mum and her newborn baby girl smiling | South East London

So, if you are looking for the best South East London Newborn Photographer, try to find out if they impose an age limit and do not accept older babies as it is never too late to create stunning images of your loved ones.

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