London Pregnancy Photos | Rita

London Pregnancy Photos

She said everything was different about this pregnancy. It was a second time I had a pleasure to create maternity portraits for Rita. She already had 2 boys and she decided not to know baby’s sex before the birth. They were secretely looking forward to a little girl welcoming their family. And yes, third time lucky and it was a girl named Blanka! I will share her newborn portraits soon and here are some of Rita’s pregnancy images. Enjoy her gallery.

London Pregnancy Photos | backlit portrait of a pregnant woman sitting down and looking at her belly

backlit maternity portrait of a pregnant woman wearing a white gown | London

backlit side maternity portrait of a pregnant woman looking down at her belly | London

London Pregnancy Photos | story telling backlit maternity portrait of a pregnat woman sitting down with a piece of fabric around her belly

London Pregnancy Photos | backilt maternity portrait of a woman looking at her belly



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