Baby Photography London

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Baby Photography London

As an experienced children photographer I love to photograph babies of any stage starting from 1 month old to 1 year old babies. Specialising in Baby Photography London, I strive to deliver timeless, storytelling images that you will cherish for lifetime.

At this stage babies grow and change at an astounding pace. Their personality is emerging. Every month brings new and exciting developments. Documenting them proves invaluable.


Baby Photography London Sessions

Baby Photography sessions take place either at my home studio in South East London or on location such as park depending on the age of your little one and weather permitted. I do have a few favourite London spots which make a wonderful setting for baby photography.

I only work with natural light regardless of whether it is an outdoor or studio photo session. I think that natural light is the most flattering one.

When it comes to outfits, I believe that the best suit for younger babies (up to 6 months old) is often just a birth suit or a nappy with a bare belly, however if your baby is older and you would prefer him or her to be dressed, please make sure to read some helpful guidelines on The Way I Work page.

I also like to ‘style’ my images a bit and I always supply carefully selected props that match the overall feel of the picture and keep your little ones busy.

My pricing is very flexible and I am sure you will be able to create your custom portrait package that matches your individual needs and pocket.

I also offer a variety of unique, custom made and handcrafted products available exclusively to my customers. I do encourage you to take a look at products page as those works of art make a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Would you like to present new Mom and Dad with London baby photography session? Please visit a Gift Vouchers page.


Do not hesitate to contact me on for any questions you may have big or small.